Silver Cross UP3

Follow your heart

The best version of you starts with the heart.

Your heart + UP®

Every move you make affects your heart. When you go for a run, forget to hydrate, stay up late, or unwind with your favorite person—your heart responds. UP® encourages you to make the right choices so that your heart is stronger and ready for life as you live it.

Resting Heart Rate

Resting Heart Rate is measured just as you wake up, when your body is totally relaxed. It is the purest measure of your heart and demonstrates how ready your heart is to take on the day ahead. Resting Heart Rate also indicates your overall heart health; the lower your heart rate is, the more efficiently your heart is working. With UP® as a guide, you can improve heart rate by eating right and staying active.

Passive Heart Rate

UP® measures your Passive Heart Rate at regular intervals throughout the day. With Passive Heart Rate, you can go back in time to see how routine stress and external factors affect your heart.

How Does UP Measure My Heart Rate?

Bioimpedence sensors in the UP3™ and UP4™ bands measure the electrical currents in your skin to give you real-time heart rate readings. This type of monitor helps save battery life and enables easy updating when it comes to unlocking new features in your band.

Your heart is a major indicator of how healthy you are. You can change your heart rate by losing weight, sleeping and eating better—and you can watch as your choices improve your heart health.

David Benaron, M.D. Chief Medical Officer at Jawbone,
Harvard educated Specialist in Intensive Care

Track your heart health