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Usage Guidelines for Jawbone's Trademarks

What is a Trademark?

Trademarks are words, phrases, slogans, logos, designs, symbols, and other devices that identify the goods/services of a company and distinguish them from the goods/services of others. Trademarks serve an important function of identifying to the public that the particular goods/services originate from that company and convey assurances as to the quality of the products from that company. Trademarks are adjectives that describe nouns which are typically generic terms. For example, Jawbone® is an adjective that can describe generic terms such as wireless headsets.

What are some of Jawbone's Trademarks?

Our official company name is "AliphCom dba Jawbone." We are most often referred to as "Jawbone," and sometimes as "AliphCom" or "Aliph." "Jawbone" is both our company name and our trademark for goods/services. Jawbone owns many different trademarks, some of which are listed below. While the list may look like a lot of trademarks, we have even more. Since trademarks are adjectives used to describe generic terms, we've suggested some generic terms for each of our trademarks below. They are just suggestions - you can use them, you can use others. Jawbone also offers many more goods/services than we're highlighting below, but again we are just giving some examples.

  • Aliph® brand products

  • AliphCom™ brand products

  • BIG JAMBOX® wireless speaker and speakerphone

  • Earcandy™ headset collection

  • Earwear® headsets

  • ERA™ wireless headset

  • ERA by Jawbone™ wireless headset

  • Hungry™ face icon

  • Insight Engine™ feature

  • JAMBOX® wireless speaker

  • Jawbone® brand products

  • Jawbone Original™ wireless headset

  • Jawbone Era® wireless headset

  • Jawbone Icon® wireless headset

  • Jawbone Prime™ wireless headset

  • Jawbone SmartSpeaker™ wireless speaker

  • Jawbone UP™ wristband


  • Lifeline™ report

  • LiveAudio® speaker technology

  • LIVE BETTER. START NOW.™ tagline

  • MINI JAMBOX™ speaker

  • Move™ runner icon

  • NoiseAssassin® sound cancelling technology

  • Sleep™ moon icon


  • The Nerd® dongle

  • UP24™ wristband

  • UP® wristband

  • UP by Jawbone™ wristband

  • UP Coffee™ mobile app

  • Works with UP™ service

Can I use Jawbone's Trademarks?

Jawbone's trademarks may not be used without Jawbone's express written permission. By agreeing to Jawbone's Software and Services Terms of Use, you are granted no right or license with respect to any of Jawbone's trademarks. If Jawbone has licensed any rights to you through a separate agreement, you may use Jawbone's trademarks according to the terms of your agreement. If your license agreement does not provide for any usage guidelines, then you should follow the Usage Guidelines below. As a licensee, you agree that all use of Jawbone's trademarks inures to the benefit of Jawbone.

How should Jawbone's Trademarks Be Used?

In order to protect Jawbone's trademarks, which are valuable assets of the company, all authorized use must comply with the Usage Guidelines below.

Usage Guidelines

  • Use as an Adjective. Remember that trademarks are adjectives. Always use Jawbone's trademarks as adjectives that modify nouns. Do not use Jawbone's trademarks in a plural or possessive form. There should always be a generic term that follows Jawbone's trademarks. Refer to Jawbone's Trademark list for some suggested generic terms to follow each trademark.
    • Examples: Jawbone® wireless headsets, JAMBOX® speaker, UP® wristband.
  • Distinguish the Trademark from Surrounding Text. Jawbone's trademarks should be differentiated from the surrounding text. Examples of ways to differentiate Jawbone's trademarks include depicting the trademark in all caps, italicizing, putting in quotes, using a different font or style, or capitalizing the first letter.
    • Examples: JAWBONE® wireless headsets, Jambox® wireless speaker, Aliph® brand headsets, "Up®" wristband.
  • Do Not Modify Jawbone's Trademarks. Jawbone's trademarks should never be modified. Don't get creative. Don't add symbols, hyphenate, abbreviate, or improperly combine any of Jawbone's trademarks together. If we combine our marks, then that's our decision and you can use that combination after we adopt it.
    • Incorrect: Jawcandy.
    • Correct: JAWBONE® wireless headsets and EARCANDY™ headset collection.
    • Correct: Jawbone Up™.
  • Use ® and ™ Symbols. If one of our trademarks listed in the Trademarks page has a ® or ™ symbol, then always use that symbol with that trademark. If you are not sure what symbol to use with Jawbone's trademarks, you may contact us at the following email address:


  • For Use Outside the U.S. If you are using any of Jawbone's trademarks in publications distributed outside the U.S., do not use the ® or ™ symbols next to Jawbone's trademarks. Instead, note that the referenced trademarks are trademarks of Jawbone.
    • Example: Jawbone and Up are trademarks of Jawbone.

If you have any questions about the foregoing, please contact us at the following e-mail address: