Myriah puts her heart into healthy living with UP2™

Myriah Wood

UP2 Turquoise Circle Lightweight Thin Strap

UP means being my best version of myself, and being in touch with my overall fitness and well-being. I now look at my overall health from a comprehensive vantage point—it’s sleep, it’s activity and it’s diet.

“I’ve always been an incredibly healthy person; I’m really lucky in that respect,” says Myriah Wood, a product marketing professional, avid traveler and UP2™ wearer.

“But, being in my early 30s now, I’ve noticed that I have to monitor my sleep, my activity and my diet. If one of those things is off, I see it; I feel it. That’s why I really love the UP App; it’s helped me get a total look into my overall health.”

Inspired to live longer and healthier, Myriah purchased an UP24™ band two years ago, but was quick to upgrade to the latest band when it arrived. “I use the UP2 today because I adore the gold color. I used to own an UP24 in black, and while I loved the way it worked with the UP App, I didn’t quite love the design. When the UP2 came out, I loved everything about it. A lot of my jewelry is gold, so it fits into my everyday wardrobe and matches my accessories. It’s so thin that I even sleep with it on.”

Monitoring and tracking sleep quickly became part of Myriah’s everyday routine. “I would say my favorite UP feature is the way it tracks my sleep. I love opening my UP App every morning to see how much Deep sleep I got versus Light sleep. When I wake up and realize I’ve gotten almost eight hours of quality sleep, I know it’s going to be a great day,” she says with a big smile.

Between working full-time at Hearsay Social and spending time with her close-knit family and friends, Myriah otherwise fills her days trying new restaurants with her husband or fitness classes like yoga or pilates. “I love trying the newest, greatest workout classes,” she says with an excited grin. “I also love logging those new workouts in the UP App. UP means being my best version of myself, and being in touch with my overall fitness and well-being. It also means being a team player, because I have a huge team cheering me on—tons of friends and family. Every time I open the UP App, I’m able to see and comment on what they’re doing, what they’re eating, how active they are—quite honestly, it’s an incredible support system and huge motivation for me every day.”

When asked about her No. 1 supporter, the answer comes easily to Myriah. “My husband is by far my biggest supporter, and my favorite relationship within UP as well. With UP, we’re able to see how each other is sleeping, or how active we are. At times, it’s almost like we’re taking part in an an all-out health competition,” she adds with a bright laugh. “We’re always making sure we’re eating the right foods and staying on track. We hold each other accountable. If it gets close to the end of the day, and we notice that one hasn’t gotten their workout in yet, we can remind one another or say: ‘Hey, let’s take a walk or hey you—get moving.’”

A supportive and loving husband isn’t the only tool in her arsenal; Myriah also found that the UP® App is a continual motivator to stay aligned with her fitness and health goals. “There are times when I find myself in a rut and UP has helped me out of it,” she explains. “Smart Coach is always giving really good tips based on my own data that I can implement right away. If I haven’t been sleeping soundly, it’ll suggest something like an herbal tea before bed so I get to sleep right away, or if I only got 8K steps during the previous week, it’ll suggest I take a walk today. Smart Coach always has your back and teaches you tips for leading a better, healthier lifestyle. It provides personalized information that no one else would know, except Smart Coach.”

One healthy habit Myriah picked up since using UP® is regular food tracking. “I’d heard journaling food was a great idea, but was never able to get into it before UP,” she admits. “I’ve found that logging meals changed the way I thought about food in general and what I was putting in my body. It instantly made me more accountable for what I was eating and how many calories I was consuming each day. I’m in my 30s now, and my metabolism isn’t what it used to be.”

With UP®, Myriah is also beginning to better understand how her daily choices affect the bigger picture of her health. “UP has helped me with making better choices every single day, and helped me be aware of little things I can do to make myself more active. I now look at my overall health from a comprehensive vantage point—it’s sleep, it’s activity and it’s diet. I don’t think I ever really thought about how all three of these things are connected, and how important each are to living a healthy life. So much of my personal happiness comes from being healthy. That’s why I love my UP band, and why I love using the UP App. UP helps me achieve the best health I can have, and be the happiest I can be.”

In addition to making her days and weekends fuller and happier, good health enabled Myriah to pursue her hobbies and passions with gusto. “I love traveling. My parents have always been avid travelers, and having two young girls didn’t stop them from exploring, so my sister and I traveled with them every single summer of our lives from infancy to our late 20s. Whether with family, friends or my husband, I definitely make it my goal to get away—to get out of the country every single year and experience the wonders of the world.”

Well-traveled as she might be, Myriah admits that far-flung trips can be disruptive to an otherwise healthy routine. “Staying on track with my health and fitness while traveling is something that’s always a little bit of a struggle. It depends on where I’m going. Of course, if I’m going somewhere in Europe I’m obviously going to be walking a lot so that’s helpful to reaching my goals, but when it’s a domestic or work trip, it’s tough. That’s why I love doing self-serve, easy-to-pick-up things like yoga in in my hotel room so that I can stay balanced and on track.”

For Myriah, staying balanced is an important strategy no matter what life throws at her. In times of trouble, she believes that taking care of oneself is paramount to healing. “Healthy living makes it that much easier to move through a tough moment, so when life hands me something hard to handle, I let it sink in, then I’ll try to go to a yoga class—something that is both mind and body. I’ll also supplement that with eating the best, most nourishing foods I can. And lastly, I try to encircle myself with friends and family who can help give support.”

Myriah also believes that support from friends and family is important when life is going the way you want it. “I love to celebrate anything I can possibly can. It’s so important to do, and I don’t think people celebrate enough. Whether I’ve had a huge success or a little success, I like to go celebrate with a bit of champagne and make kind of a big deal out of it. It makes that milestone all the more real and valuable to me.”

For those who are just getting started with UP and looking to create successes of their own, Myriah has some advice: “Take the time to go through all of the different features and get to know all of the capabilities of the app, and how it can impact your lifestyle,” she urges. “When I first got started, I didn’t think I would actually be logging my food, but now it’s one of the most rewarding things UP has done for me. I’m constantly learning more about food, and which foods are best for me. So, take full advantage of everything UP has to offer because it really is a comprehensive lifestyle measurement tool when you’re taking advantage of it to its fullest,” she says with a knowing smile.