Highschool sweethearts find fitness with UP3™

Melissa San Vicente & Luis Landestoy

UP3 Silver Cross & Ruby Cross

When we do this together, it doesn't feel like a workout or anything stressful. It's time to catch up, talk about the day and oh by the way, get the exercise we need.

“We met in detention actually.” says Melissa San Vincente, her eyes sparkling at her fiance, Luis Landestoy. “I was a first timer, he was a regular, and the rest, I suppose, is history.”

Though the pair didn't know it at the time, Melissa and Luis would spend the next 12 years together. First, as high school sweethearts, then as a well-established couple getting increasingly excited about their wedding this November in the Dominican Republic. They promised one another that they would look great and feel even better walking down that aisle.

“My health has been up and down. I lose weight and then I gain it again,” Luis explains, making eye contact with Melissa who shares an understanding smile. “I had an UP3 first and I used it to track my workouts and before too long, Melissa could see it was working for me, so she got one too. It's cool because now we use the trackers to encourage each other to do better.”

“I think UP is bringing us together to exercise more, and exercise together,” agrees Melissa. “The thing we do most is figure out how to spend more time with each other. We get home and walk the hills behind our house together. It doesn't feel like working out because we talk about our day.”

“Taking pictures for her has brought us together as well.” adds Luis, who recently started traveling all around the city with Melissa to take photos for her lifestyle and fashion blog. Being a fashion blogger, Melissa wanted a tracker that fit her personal style, “There's a design aesthetic the way they put these together and I don't have to sort of dress around it or hide it. It's part of my look which makes me want to wear it, and it's comfortable.”

“Before, I was always off doing music on my own. Now I always set a day up for her, to help her with photoshoots,” says Luis, and Melissa agrees: “We scout locations, we think about the weather that day. It's been fun creatively to see his vision and what I'm thinking come to life.”

Melissa and Luis are already a great team, and they're getting better everyday—together.