Kristen finds ultimate balance with her UP3™

Kristen Coffman

UP3 Sand Twist

UP is a great way to tie everything that influences my health together, so I can make sure I’m where I want to be professionally and personally.

“I love fashion; fashion is my job—but I love fitness and am passionate about combining them to find balance,” says Kristen Coffman, a fashion buyer who also wears an UP3™. “I love to style my UP with anything I’m wearing, whether it be fitness apparel or other jewelry, like bangles, that coordinate the look. My favorite band is the UP3 in Sand Twist,” she says while pointing to her wrist. “I feel like it’s very versatile and goes with just about anything.”

Working in a fast-paced and stressful industry like fashion can be challenging, but Kristen continuously seeks ways to prioritize her needs amid the chaos. “The last job I had was very intense—I loved it, but it was always a challenge to find balance. Now that I am venturing into a new role, I’m really going to be leaning on my UP to help me find equilibrium,” she explains. “I’m an advocate of sleep and an advocate of living a balanced lifestyle, but too often, I sacrificed my sleep during a busy workweek. The UP band just takes things to the next level for me. It’s like having a life coach that makes sure I get enough sleep, that I don’t sit at my desk for too long, and it helps me maintain my routines from week to week. UP is a great way to tie everything that influences my health together, so I can make sure I’m where I want to be professionally and personally.”

For Kristen, finding a healthy balance is made easier with the support of friends and family: “My family and friends inspire me. I love being able to Duel friends and family within UP that don’t live nearby; it's a great way to keep each other motivated.,” she explains cheerfully. “I also have a wonderful husband of almost 10 years; he just continues to cheer me on and be my best friend and biggest supporter. He’s the person who will challenge me if I need it. If he knows there’s something risky that I really want to accomplish or try, he’s always the one that comes in and says, ‘Try it. You got this.’”

In addition to including her loved ones in her health journey, Kristen also found ways to fuse her love of fitness with her passion for travel. “Before I had the UP band, I saw travel and vacations as my time off: eat whatever I want, sleep whenever I want, do whatever I want. But now I really pay attention to what my lifestyle is like, even when I’m on vacation.” She recently traveled to Europe with her husband and challenged herself to find fitness activities during her whirlwind trip, eventually stumbling across a sunset yoga session in Greece. “We were overlooking the entire town of Mykonos. The sun was setting, the ocean was sparkling and it was just amazing,” she says with a wistful, far-off smile. While this interview is taking shape during a particularly cold and rainy afternoon in San Francisco, Kristen’s smile warms with the memory. “Incorporating fitness and health into vacation is just a win-win—you end up feeling great your whole trip. The best part is that you don’t come back from vacation feeling like a different person. You still feel like you.”

Kristen has a bit of advice for those seeking a similar balance with UP®: “Be patient as you embark on that journey, because it’s definitely worthwhile,” she encourages. “You’re going to learn a lot about yourself—maybe even things you already knew but didn’t want to fully recognize. It feels good to pay attention to how you’re living. It feels good to be living life in balance and to have a healthy perspective on all areas of your life. I’m so happy with where I am today—I wish that for my family, friends and all new users of UP—it’s a huge opportunity to look at your life, honestly, and just become a better you.”