Dian unites her passion for fashion and fitness with UP3™

Dian Liu

UP3 Ruby Cross

UP is not only a fitness tracker that monitors my sleep quality and how many hours I’ve slept—as well as how many steps I walk on a daily basis—but as a fashionista, I appreciate the design.

“For the first 16 years of my life, I was underweight. I was very well-fed—both my parents are amazing cooks—and I ate a lot, but I was just super skinny,” explains Dian Liu, a linguist and localization specialist who has used UP® for more than a year. “As I became older, I started filling in a bit more I’ve been pretty healthy and try to exercise regularly. UP reminds me and motivates me to move and exercise more often. I like to dance—I’ve been taking hip-hop dance classes for a while—and I do barre, yoga, and like to hike and be outside.”

Along with being a localization specialist, Dian went to fashion school for the business side of the industry, merchandise marketing. “UP is a functional and fashionable accessory. It’s not only a fitness tracker that monitors my sleep quality and how many hours I’ve slept—as well as how many steps I walk on a daily basis—but as a self proclaimed fashionista,” she says with a laugh, “I appreciate the design.” For Dian, being able to wear a fitness tracker without it clearly looking like a fitness tracker was one of the main draws. “I do like to dress up sometimes and I feel like with the UP band I’m just wearing an extra bracelet that accessorizes my outfit. I really appreciate that. It’s a huge selling point for me and what differentiates it from the other fitness bands out there.”

When talking about her overall health, Dian divulges that she suffers from inconsistencies with her sleep quality. “My favorite UP feature is definitely the sleep tracker. I sometimes have problems falling asleep or getting enough sound sleep. It’s nice that with my UP, I’m able to track the quality of my sleep.” Noticing the correlation between her activity and sleep encourages her to try to meet her Smart Coach goals. “I really use the Smart Coach advice. I like how the tips tell you what you can do to improve the quality of your sleep and your health in general. It’s just really fun and is presented as a very friendly reminder.”

Dian is among a few fortunate enough to see Jawbone from both sides. “I’ve actually worked with Jawbone a few times to help integrate their app into different languages for markets in other countries. I do Chinese translation and helped make sure the translations were correct, and that the cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions were on point—especially the Smart Coach tips. I like how funny and quirky the wording is, and I didn’t want that lost in translation.” After spending time working with Jawbone and getting to know the product, she says, “I really liked the UP3 band. So I got one for myself and have been using it ever since.”

Dian is a lover of many things, including linguistics, art, and dance—however she continues to seek new chances to grow and learn every day. “The fact that I’m a curious person motivates me in life. I have a curiosity for knowledge. I always like to learn new things, and not just from books, but also from people I meet. I try to surround myself with optimistic people. Their optimism and confidence inspire me.” When asked about her failures, and how she gets past them, Dian gives us a glimpse of how that optimism helped her through hardship: “I try to see the positive side of everything. It’s not just a failure but is also a life lesson that you should learn something from. I think that’s what I try to do—see the positive side of everything and then learn from it.”