"We create software solutions with our innovative mobile and wearable devices."

Sr. iOS Engineer - Core Bluetooth
As a Software Engineer on Jawbone Health's iOS team, you will be responsible for bringing Jawbone’s unique vision for mobile and wearable technology to life on the iOS platform. You will collaborate closely with our product, design, and backend development teams to define, develop, and deliver iOS applications that are a deeply integrated component of the rich user experience we strive to create for each of our products.

At Jawbone Health, we are more than just a hardware company. We think software plays a vital role in today’s mobile lifestyle. We believe we can create ground breaking systems and experiences that incorporate beautifully crafted software solutions with our innovative mobile and wearable devices.

If you enjoy problem solving with a small, creative and dedicated team in a fast-paced environment, have a deep love for technology, and are passionate about building new and innovative products and applications that will change the way people live, we want you to help us deliver on this vision.

Core Responsibilities:
Design and develop Jawbone's iOS applications in a small, collaborative team environment, with a strong focus on usability and performance.
Work closely with Jawbone's platform team to integrate Jawbone iOS applications with our backend services.
Collaborate with Jawbone's product and design teams to make Jawbone applications useful, beautiful, and fun to use.

2+ years experience developing complex iOS applications using technologies such as Core Data, Core Graphics, CFNetwork and Core Bluetooth.
Extensive experience developing User Interfaces for mobile applications.
Significant experience interacting with and/or designing and implementing RESTful APIs.
Passion for writing clean, maintainable, and testable code at both the UI and system levels.
Strong understanding of iOS performance analysis and optimization techniques.
Excellent programming and computer science fundamentals, and a deep love for technology.
Ability to adapt and learn new skills coupled with a resourceful, can-do attitude.
Outstanding attention to detail.


San Francisco, CA, United States
San Francisco, CA, United States
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